Shirvan, Café Métisse

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This new Parisian restaurant offers to guests a fun, surprising, entertaining experience by letting them create something that they are going to enjoy. It all starts with portions of vegetables, grains, meat and fish – and then, let the innovative game begin: marry a celestial roasted cauliflower to curry leaves and fresh coconut seasonal salad, or a tasty plov rice to a chicken marinated with spices. The perfect angles of a citrus mille-feuilles or the roundness of a sorbet, tangy (with pomegranate) complete this picture. The whole is served with traditional breads, kneaded and cooked on the spot. In the heat of the tandir oven, which makes the perception of flavors and perfumes more intense, the only rule is the one of sharing.

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An amazing experience

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Unique creations

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Original architecture

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