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Discover the world of the Silk Road through this first part which bring us on a journey through Azerbaijan…

A plethora of wonders fresh fried grilled smoked pink green blue-tinted carmine – all mixed together. Diving into this world is like biting into endless nuance.
Following his trip to Baku cradle of Azeri cuisine our Chef draws his inspiration from unique encounters to create your own Silk Road. Through this discovery he wishes to offer you a moment as fleeting as unforgettable.
Akrame sets out to conquer color which he wants to make a true ingredient of his cuisine. It does not just come with taste – it is part of it. Shirvan is the outcome of the entangled alleys of the magnificent bazar giving color to the dishes and projecting images of a rich nourishing East.
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Travel around the senses


Our cuisine is a journey on which many can embark. Mounds of delicious food are offered; abundant fresh herbs provide a bed for cereal valleys and vegetable plains; the bread crust is a pulsing, smoking earth illuminated in brown, tawny, bronze colors. Suddenly illuminated by indescribable light, the table turns into a landscape to be discovered with the fingertips. A rice dune covered in simmering lamb, orange blossom scents, a myriad of almonds – each step comes in a quiet atmosphere. When men and women feast, they set out upon a journey. This is because our cuisine allows for movement: towards coolness when the air is hot and dry, or comforting warmth when the desert becomes ice cold. Shirvan finds inspiration in this cuisine of adventure that draws souls closer together. Eating also means taking off.

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Sharing around the table

By putting sharing at the heart of his cuisine, Akrame wishes to trigger in his guests, motionless travelers, a common appetite for the strange beauty of the world. It’s a humanistic cuisine that arouses curiosity for others and yet increases our awareness of ourselves. We haven’t left Casablanca, or we might already be in Algiers, and we’re already dreaming of a festive caravanserai meal in the desert, grilled fish on confetti-sized islands, and even further away, rose sorbet enjoyed under the orange trees in a garden in Shiraz. Through sharing, the East is perceived as one single garden, a source of richness and diversity.

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